1. Competing by Restricting Choice: The Case of Search Platforms, (2017) with Hanna Halaburda, Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, forthcoming, Management Science

*Mention by Knowledge@Wharton 

2. Credit Scoring with Social Network Data (2016), Marketing Science, 35(2), 234-258,  with Yanhao Wei, Christophe Van den Bulte, Chris Dellarocas

Social Impact Initiative & White Center for Financial Research Grant

*Mention by Knowledge@Wharton, Yahoo Finance, Toronto Star

3.  Optimal Pricing for Group Buying with Network Effects (2016), with Jennifer Shang, G. Zhang, Int. Journal of Management Science, 63 (September), 69-82.

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*Mention by  Knowledge@Wharton

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*Mention by Knowledge@Wharton 

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8. Social Media and Political Donations: New Technology and Incumbency Advantage in the United States, with Maria Petrova and Ananya Sen (R&R, Management Science)

*Mention by Knowledge@Wharton 

9. Conspicuous Consumption on the Long Tail: How can luxury brands benefit from counterfeits?, with Zhenqi Liu, Z. John Zhang  

10. Designing Networks for Nudges: Using Social Conformity to Optimize Consumer Behavior, with Yanhao Wei, Christophe Van den Bulte, Joy Lu

11. Matching Pennies in the Campaign Trail: How does the Media shape Politicians’ Behavior?, with Camilo Garcia-Jimeno (Under Review)

12. Clicks and Editorial Decisions: How does popularity shape online news coverage?  with Ananya Sen (Under Review)

* Winner, Best Junior Paper Award, Royal Economic Society Meeting 

* Mack Institute for Innovation Management & Zicklin Center Grant

13. Misrepresentation of Credence Goods and Channel Design,  with Dinah Vernik- Cohen and Vikas Mittal (Resubmission requested by JMR)

14. Optimizing Online Promotion Planning: A Multi-Objective, Multi-Market, Multi-Period, with Jennifer Shang and Y. Jiang (R&R, European J. of Operations Research)

15. Rewarding the Few or the Many? An Investigation of the Impact of Rewards in Crowdsourcing Contests, with Reto Hofstetter and John Zhang (Resubmission requested by JMR)

16. Informal Lending and Social Networks, with Geyu Yang (under review)

17. Men vs. Machine: When is Automation Inferior to Human Labor? with Mustafa Dogan (Under Review)


18. Women, Rails and Telegraphs: Information Spillovers and Collective Action, with Camilo Garcia Jimeno and Angel Iglesias Diaz

19. Spatial Mismatch in Labor Market and Automation, with Hanming Fang

20. Information, Donations, and Intergenerational Mobility, with Ricardo Perez-Truglia, Maria Petrova, and Andrei Simonov

21. Designing Networks for Collective Good,  with Joy Lu, Max Wei and Szu-Chi Huang

22. Strategic Choice of Advertising Tone and Brand Competition, with Gorkem Bostanci and Kinshuk Jerath

23. How Automation Changes Decision Makers, with Mustafa Dogan