Media Appearances, presentations & Interviews

VIDE Seminar — “Strategic Automation and Decision Making Authority“:

WSJ – on Veblen Goods:

On “Social Media and Political Contributions

New MR (Impact of GDPR on Consumers & Firms) — Joint with Netquest

How to crowdsource the results you want:

From Mack Institute

Conversation with Esra Oz (in Turkish)

On “Clicks Bias in Editorial Decisions

Trailer for “Credit Scoring with Social Network Data


10/2020 – Wharton Business Daily – SiriusXM – Interview: Elections and Social Media

8/2020 – Wharton Business Daily – Can Social Media Reverse Incumbency advantage?

6/2021 – Wharton Business Daily – Social Media & Revenue

06/2018 – Wharton Business Daily – On Net Neutrality