Quantitative Women in Marketing

Below is a “Quantitatively-oriented Female Researchers in Marketing” list that we are trying to put together with these alphabetically-ordered (and mighty) scholars: Allison Chaney, Aniko Oery, Daria Dzyabura, Kalinda Ukanwa, Renana Peres, and Tong Guo.

Editors, organizers: If you are looking for quant women in marketing with specific expertise to invite to your seminars and panels, as colleagues, to work with and to get to know, here is a good place to start. You can download or print the list.

Quantitatively-oriented marketers who self-identify as female: If you fill in the form below, your name will automatically appear in the list. We will try to actively share the list with journal editors, department chairs, and directors of organizations. This is for academics only at the moment, and doctoral students and postdocs are welcome.

P.S. We plan to move this list to its own website soon. Temporarily posted here to facilitate distribution.

Also see a list of talented underrepresented minority marketing scholars who would make great seminar speakers, panelists, editorial board members, reviewers, research collaborators, or colleagues here.