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(with Yanhao Wei, Christophe Van den Bulte, Chris Dellarocas)

Marketing Science, forthcoming

(with Esther Gal-Or, Tansev Geylani)

Management Science, 59 (12) (2o13), 2655 – 2666.

(with Esther Gal-Or, Tansev Geylani)

Journal of Marketing Research, XLIX (2012), 92 – 99.

(with J. Shang, P. Tadikamalla, V.  Mittal, L. Brown)

Journal of Marketing, 73 (2) (2009), 146-163.

(with Chris Groening, Vikas Mittal, Pandu Tadikamalla)

Customer Needs and Solutions, 1(2) (2014, 105-116



(with Hanna Halaburda, Mikolaj Jan Piskorski)

(with Ananya Sen)

(with Dinah Vernik- Cohen and Vikas Mittal)

(with Camilo Garcia-Jimeno)

  • Rewarding the Few or the Many? An Investigation of the Impact of Rewards in Open Innovation Contests

(with Reto Hofstetter and John Zhang)

  • Group Buying under Cost and Participation Externalities

(with Jennifer Shang, G. Zhang)

  • Optimizing Online Promotion Planning

(with Y. Jiang and Jennifer Shang)




  • The Role of Information Networks in Collective Action

(with Angel Iglesias Diaz and Camilo Garcia-Jimeno)

  • Politicians’ Entry into Social Media and Donations

(with Maria Petrova and Ananya Sen)

  • Competing by Market Thickness: A Case of Video Game Platforms

(with Yiwen Wu and Szu-Chi Huang)

  • The Disciplining Role of Social Networks

(with Yanhao Wei and Joy Lu)

  • The Impact of Advertising on Labor Market

(with Yanhao Wei and Qing Gong)