About Pinar

Pinar Yildirim received her PhD in Marketing at the Katz Graduate School of Business. She received an PhD and MS degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, and BS degrees in Industrial and minor in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She will be joining the Marketing Department of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School as an Assistant Professor in July 2012.

Her interests are implementation of game theoretic and stochastic models on user-generated content, advertising and media in marketing and modeling and cognitive and affective processes that motivate or hinder modeling skills in engineering. Her engineering dissertation has been supported by an NSF grant.

Her publications appeared in Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and various other journals. She had several talks at Informs Annual Meetings, Informs Marketing Science Conf., Industrial Engineering Research Conference (IERC), as well as other talks in Haring Symposium, American Society of Mechanical Engineering and American Society of Engineering Education. She was the recipient of  the Industrial Engineering Best Paper Award in 2007, and was selected as a ‘University of Pittsburgh Honoree’ in 2008 for extraordinary services to University of Pittsburgh.

Pinar is currently occupying herself with starting up a non-profit aiming to educate girls in eastern part of Turkey. She enjoys being a researcher as much as design, playing tennis, drawing, golf, ski, classic movies, dining and wining with her pals.

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